Imagery Policy

We love to share images of our toys in play and we love to share your images. Below is our policy on imagery and what is permissible to share.

Our Imagery

We often upload our own images to social media, our website and our paid advertising opportunities. These images our own property and may only be used by a third party with explicit written consent from The Wooden Toy Co.

Provided Imagery

We are often provided imagery through tags on social media or directly emailed or uploaded to our prescribed data storage unit by customers who have photos of the toys in play. These images can display children and are provided to The Wooden Toy Co for their discretionary use of the images.

If you provide an image or video to us, there is a reasonable expectation that we will use that image on our social media, website and any paid advertising we engage in, as well as a reasonable expectation that any of our stockists may also use your image.

If you would like your image to be used in a restricted way, i.e. only on one platform or not used by stockists, explicit written instructions must be provided to The Wooden Toy Co for the terms of using your imagery.

Images provided through promotion or general sharing will be subject to these terms.

The Wooden Toy Co is not responsible for how other choose to share, comment on or engage with an image after we have shared it on any platform.

Concerns about the use of imagery should be raised with The Wooden Toy Co via email as soon as you become aware of an issue.