We take great care in creating our items. Because of this, we are confident in our workmanship and the materials that we use. We offer a 5 year warranty for any products that break or become damaged. If an item becomes damaged or breaks, please contact us and we will arrange for a new item to be sent to you.  

The quality of our products is very important to us, however there may be times that something happens we couldn't have predicted. For this reason, we are happy to replace items and ensure that you can continue loving your wooden toys well into the future. 

A warranty claim can be made for any items that are damaged outside of the reasonable use and abuse test, as set our in the Mandatory Safety Standards - AS/NZS ISO 8124. If your items become damaged in any way that is not outside their normal intended use, we will refund or replace the item. 

Normal intended use is defined as use of toys to be used in by children during play inside a house or any area that is free from water and elements that could reasonably cause damage to the timber nature of the toys. 

Our items cannot be placed in water or left outside in the elements, and they cannot be painted or treated with oils or chemicals. 

Our warranty becomes null and void if damage to toys occurs through your item becoming wet or being treated with chemicals or oils. 

 If your item is damaged in transit, we will replace this for you and the original item must be returned to us. 

Failure to return a damaged item to us absolves us from any liability of damage.

Modification to our items will void any future warranty.