Keeping Outdoor Pikler Sets in Great Condition

Keeping Outdoor Pikler Sets in Great Condition

Keeping Outdoor Pikler Sets in Great Condition

How to Maintain Your Outdoor Pikler Sets

Our Outdoor Pikler sets are great for practicing gross motor skills out in the fresh air. There are a few things that you can do to keep your Pikler set in perfect condition.

Avoid Extreme Weather

Our Outdoor Piklers are great to use outside, however they don’t love extreme weather. Our Outdoor Piklers are coated in a sealer which protects them from moisture getting in and destroying the timber. If the Outdoor Piklers are left in extreme weather, like full sun every day for a whole summer or constantly rained on and never under cover, the sealer will wear away quite quickly.

If the only place you have for the Outdoor Pikler is in the elements all the time, we recommend every 3 or so months, giving the Outdoor Pikler a light sand and re-coating with a water-based, non-toxic sealer. Leaving your Outdoor Pikler in a place with extreme weather on it constantly, either sun or rain, will cause the sealer to break down quite quickly.

What to do if it gets wet?

If your Outdoor Pikler gets wet, it’s ok! It’s meant to. However it shouldn’t be left on the grass. We recommend storing your Outdoor Pikler off the grass so that it has the chance to dry properly. If your Outdoor Pikler is kept on grass on the time, the constant moisture from the grass will wear away the sealer, and could then penetrate the timber and compromise the strength of the Pikler frame.

When you’re finished playing with your Outdoor Pikler, move it to a spot under shelter where it can dry out properly if it was wet during play.

Is storing my Outdoor Pikler on concrete ok?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with storing your Outdoor Pikler on concrete (as long as the area doesn’t flood and the Pikler can stay dry). One thing to be mindful of, is that the abrasive nature of concrete can wear away the sealer on the bottom of the Outdoor Pikler. It’s good to just check this every now and then, so that you can re-apply sealer as needed.

Will I need to maintain my Outdoor Pikler?

To keep your Outdoor Pikler in a great condition we recommend doing some light maintenance work once a year, but this will all depend on how the Pikler is stored. If you leave your Pikler out on the grass in the extreme weather, you may find that you need to maintain it more frequently, like once every 3 or 6 months.

For general maintenance we recommend giving the Outdoor Pikler a light sand if needed and then applying 3 coats of a water-based, environmentally friendly, non-toxic sealer, allowing proper drying time between the coats.

If you store your Outdoor Pikler under shelter and keep it dry when not in use, then applying the sealer once a year will keep your Outdoor Pikler in excellent condition.

Playing outside on a Pikler can be great fun, and a great way to encourage physical movement when outside. Ensuring that you store your Outdoor Pikler under shelter and out of extreme weather, allow it to dry properly and also apply a fresh coat of sealer each year, will keep your Outdoor Pikler in great condition year after year!


  • What sealant do you recommend ? My mom bought me the indoor version but I want to put it on the covered patio with foam underneath. It would never get wet but I want to make sure I use a product that’s safe and works. I am located in the USA.

    Thank you!!

    Hilary Bassett on

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