Which Pikler combination is the best?

Which Pikler combination is the best?

Which Pikler combination is the best?

One of the most common questions on Piklers is which is the right combination? The answer all depends on the age and gross motor development of the child who will be using the Pikler.

There are many different benefits to each of the Piklers in our climbing range, and below we have highlighted what age they are best for.

Large Pikler

Starting with the large Pikler, this is a great triangle for a more advanced climber. Usually once children have been exposed to the Pikler for quite a while, they grow comfortable with exploring they then attempt to climb over the large Pikler.

If you are buying a Pikler bundle as a first birthday present, a large Pikler is a great investment for years of climbing and play. However, it isn’t something that most children will feel comfortable climbing over until age 2.

For older children or children who have been climbing on a Pikler set for a while, a large Pikler can encourage them to balance and concentrate on the placement of their body, which is great for gross motor development. To extend and add on to the play with a large Pikler add a ramp and change the position frequently to present new climbing challenges.

Climbing Cube

The Climbing Cube is a really great addition to any Pikler combination. It presents a whole new range of climbing challenges. It is also easier for small children to become comfortable with climbing because of the solid surface on top of the cube. This solid top often becomes a refuge for small children between 1 and 2 years, it provides a safe space for them to sit or stand and evaluate how to keep climbing or to slide down if you attach a slide.

The open circle sides of the Climbing Cube is great for hiding and playing within, add a silk or some material to transform the space into a makeshift cubby.

The Climbing Cube works really well with both the large Pikler and the small Pikler, if you want a combination that your small children (aged 1-2.5 years) will comfortably use now, then a Climbing Cube, small Pikler and Climbing Ramp is the best combination.

If you want to invest in future gross motor skills, the Climbing Cube, large Pikler and Climbing Ramp package is the best value combination and will provide years of gross motor development.

Small Pikler

The small Pikler, as the name suggests, has the smallest height of all the frames in our climbing range. It can be great for small children under 1 to encourage gross motor development, there are plenty of ways to use small Piklers to encourage standing and when your child is ready to stand and grab it is the perfect height for strengthening those leg and core body muscles.

The small Pikler has a limited lifespan when compared to the large Pikler and Climbing Cube, but this doesn’t mean it isn’t worth buying. It is often the first Pikler that children will master and it will help small children gain confidence to take bigger risks with their physical development.

Pairing the small Pikler with the large Pikler or Climbing Cube and adding a Climbing Ramp can provide a range of physical challenges, as children navigate the different ways to balance their bodies to account for the height difference.

Small Pikler


Which combination is the best for each age group?

Each child is going to develop at a different pace, below would be our recommendation for each age group, but you should consider your child’s individual abilities before deciding on a Pikler combination.

Under 1 year old – The best combination for this age is the small Pikler and Climbing Ramp. There are many ways to support development and learning using this combination.

1 year – 3 years – the most rated combination for 1 and 2 year olds is Climbing Cube, Small Pikler and Climbing Ramp. The Climbing Cube provides a safe area for the child with the solid top where they can sit and evaluate their next move. The small Pikler may take a while to manage but is still fun in the age group.

3 years+ - The best combination for this age includes the large Pikler in some way, whether with the Climbing Cube and Climbing Ramp or with the small Pikler and Climbing Ramp. Once children are comfortable and have developed some gross motor skills, the large Pikler presents a great physical challenge.


Still not sure which Pikler combination would work best for your family? Reach out and let us know. We can help answer any other questions you may have.

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